Certification Program in Programmatic Advertising

Certification Program in Programmatic Advertising

8 week
31 Lessons
200 Enrolled
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8 week


31 Lessons


200 Enrolled

Course Overview

The Display & Video 360 Certification is more in-depth and specifically focuses on the features and capabilities of Google’s Display & Video 360 platform, which is a demand-side platform (DSP) for programmatic advertising.

Becoming a Display & Video 360 (DV360) expert involves mastering a wide range of skills and knowledge in programmatic advertising and the use of the DV360 platform.

Are you interested in becoming a proficient in programmatic advertising expert ?

If that’s the case, you’ve landed in the ideal spot, as this exclusive Instructor Lead online certification program offers you a comprehensive understanding of programmatic advertising. By the course’s conclusion, you’ll have absorbed a wealth of insights on how advertisers and publishers can thrive in the programmatic advertising arena.

Becoming a Display & Video 360 (DV360) expert involves mastering a wide range of skills and knowledge in programmatic advertising and the use of the DV360 platform. Here’s a comprehensive guide on what you need to learn and the steps to become a DV360 expert:

1. Fundamentals of Programmatic Advertising:

Start by understanding the fundamental concepts of programmatic advertising, including real-time bidding (RTB), programmatic ad buying, and the programmatic advertising ecosystem.

2. Display and Video Advertising Basics:

Learn the basics of display and video advertising, including different ad formats, creative best practices, targeting options, and campaign objectives.

3. Google Marketing Platform Knowledge:

Gain a strong understanding of the Google Marketing Platform, including DV360. This should cover how DV360 fits into the broader marketing technology stack and its role in programmatic advertising.

4. DV360 Platform Navigation:

Familiarize yourself with the DV360 user interface. Learn how to navigate the platform, create campaigns, set up line items, and manage creatives.

5. Campaign Planning and Strategy:

Develop skills in planning and strategizing programmatic advertising campaigns using DV360. This includes understanding campaign objectives, audience targeting, and budget allocation.

6. Audience Targeting:

Master the various targeting options available in DV360, such as audience segments, demographic targeting, contextual targeting, and more.

7. Creative Development:

Understand the creative requirements and best practices for creating effective display and video ads. Learn how to upload and manage creative assets within DV360.

8. Bid Strategies and Optimization:

Explore different bidding strategies and optimization techniques to maximize the performance of your campaigns. This includes A/B testing, bid adjustments, and budget optimization.

9. Analytics and Reporting:

Learn how to use DV360’s reporting and analytics tools to track the performance of your campaigns. Understand key metrics, attribution models, and data analysis.

10. Integration with Google Analytics:

Gain proficiency in integrating DV360 with Google Analytics to get more detailed insights into user behavior and conversion tracking.

11. Ad Fraud and Brand Safety:

Familiarize yourself with the challenges of ad fraud and brand safety in programmatic advertising. Learn how to mitigate these risks.

12. Compliance and Regulations:

Stay updated on privacy regulations and industry standards, such as GDPR, CCPA, and the IAB’s Transparency and Consent Framework, to ensure your campaigns comply with these rules.



  • This course is open to anyone with a fundamental grasp of the digital advertising industry.


  • Instructor Lead 1-0-1 Training

Target audiences

  • Digital Marketer, Digital Marketing Planner, Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Fresh Graduate
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No, this a 1-0-1 dedicated Instructor Lead Training. Student will be getting a live training by an industry expert.

Yes, every student will be getting life time access to the course material.

Yes, every student will be getting recording of their sessions.

Yes, post the completion of the course each student will be getting a 100% placement assistance by our placement team. However, clearing of the interview totally depends on the student performance in the interview.
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5 Reviews

  1. User Avatar

    Nitish Bhagat

    March 20, 2019

    This Programmatic Advertising course was a game-changer for my career trajectory. The curriculum was meticulously designed, covering the latest trends and technologies in the Digital Marketing landscape. The hands-on projects allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios, making me job-ready. I can attribute my success in securing a rewarding job to the skills acquired during this course.

  2. User Avatar

    Swarnim Shrishti

    December 20, 2020

    Taking the Programmatic Advertising course was a game-changer for my career in the Digital Marketing industry. The comprehensive curriculum and hands-on experience equipped me with the skills needed to excel in programmatic campaigns. I secured a fantastic job shortly after completing the course, and I owe it all to the invaluable knowledge I gained.

  3. User Avatar

    Md Mohsin

    July 15, 2021

    Enrolling in the Programmatic Advertising course was the best decision I made for my career. The course not only provided a solid foundation in programmatic principles but also offered hands-on experience with industry tools. This practical approach made me stand out during job interviews, and I’m now thriving in a rewarding position in the Digital Marketing field

  4. User Avatar


    September 15, 2022

    The Programmatic Advertising course exceeded my expectations in every way. The instructors were industry experts who shared their real-world experiences, and the course content was both comprehensive and up-to-date. Thanks to the skills I acquired, I quickly secured a position in Digital Marketing, and I’m confident in my ability to navigate the complexities of programmatic advertising.

  5. User Avatar

    Shiva Manish

    December 20, 2023

    I can’t express enough how impactful the Programmatic Advertising course has been for my career. The industry-relevant content, real-world case studies, and practical exercises gave me a deep understanding of programmatic strategies. I landed a job in Digital Marketing within weeks of completing the course, and I continue to apply what I learned on a daily basis

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