Statistics for Data Science

Learn Mathematical Science pertaining to data collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation. Solve complex problems to become Data Scientists.

Introduction to Statistic

This course id divided into 18 different modules which will give an in-depth knowledge on what required statistical skill to become a Data Scientist. Below is the overiew of the topics covered under this course. 


  • Introduction to StatisticsDescribing Univariate Data
  • Describing Bivariate DataIntroduction to Probability (elementary)Normal DistributionSampling DistributionsPoint EstimationConfidence IntervalsThe Logic of Hypothesis Testing
  • Testing Hypotheses with Standard Errors Power
  • Introduction to Between-Subjects ANOVAFactorial Between-Subjects ANOVA
  • Within-Subjects/Repeated Measures ANOVA
  • Chi Square
  • Distribution-Free Tests
  • Measuring Effect Size