Google Associate Cloud Engineer

This course will equip the learner with industry-standard tools & techniques. Build core concepts & competencies to prepare them for Jobs.

Google Cloud Overview

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a leading public cloud that provides its users with some of the same software, hardware, and networking infrastructure used to power Google services. Businesses, organizations, and individuals can launch servers in minutes, store petabytes of data, and implement global virtual clouds with GCP. It includes an easy-to-use console interface, command-line tools, and application programming interfaces (APIs) for managing resources in the cloud. Users can work with general resources, such as virtual machines (VMs) and persistent disks, or opt for highly focused services for Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, media, and other specialized domains. Deploying and managing applications and services in GCP requires a clear understanding of the way Google structures user accounts and manages identities and access controls; you also need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of using various services. Certified Associate Cloud Engineers have demonstrated the knowledge and skills needed to deploy and operate infrastructure, services, and networks in Google Cloud.

Learning Outcomes

This study Course is designed to help you understand GCP in-depth so that you can meet the needs of those operating resources in Google Cloud. This course, help you pass the Associate Cloud Engineer certification exam,  You will learn more than is required to pass the exam; you will understand how to meet the day-to-day challenges faced by cloud engineers, including choosing services, managing users, deploying and monitoring infrastructure, and helping map business requirements into cloud-based solutions.

Overview of Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Computing Services

Projects, Service Accounts, and Billing

  • Introduction to Computing in Google Cloud
  • Computing with Compute Engine Virtual Machines
  • Managing Virtual Machines
  • Computing with Kubernetes
  • Managing Kubernetes Clusters
  • Computing with App Engine
  • Computing with Cloud Functions
  • Planning Storage in the Cloud
  • Deploying Storage in Google Cloud Platform
  • Loading Data into Storage
  • Networking in the Cloud: DNS, Load Balancing, and IP Addressing
  • Deploying Applications with Cloud Launcher and Deployment Manager
  • Configuring Access and Security

Instructor-Led Training

This course is Instructor-Led training and not pre-recorded videos. Student gets one - one session by our trainers and also gets the lifetime training materials. For more information about the course please call our training expert @ 9910656940, 7093700356.

Google Cloud Skills in Demand

GCP Cloud Architect is the top-paying IT certification in North America and Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). GCP Data Engineer ranks fifth globally. Google Cloud salaries are 34% higher than the average for North America. There are a few reasons for this:

1. Google Cloud-certified professionals tend to work for the largest companies, which equates to higher salaries. Nearly 80% work at companies of 5,000 or more employees. Compare that to AWS-certified professionals, where only 49% work for companies of 5,000-plus.

2. Twenty-nine percent of Google Cloud-certified professionals are senior-level or executives, which is higher than the overall average. Generally, more career experience equates to higher earnings.

3. Google Cloud-certified individuals are often certified in several categories, which makes sense given the recency of the GCP certifications. Google Cloud professionals are most likely to be cross-certified in AWS, Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA and ITIL®. And the more certifications an individual has, the higher their average salary.

4. Cloud professionals are paid well. Aside from executives, cloud computing is the highest-paying functional area both in North America ($138,320) and worldwide ($115,889).

Cloud professionals have obviously tested out Google Cloud training in the past year, and more have it in their sights going forward. Eight percent of North American IT professionals plan to pursue a Google Cloud credential this year, including 19% of those who are already AWS-certified.