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DV360 Marketplace

Marketplace offers Display & Video 360 users a new way to quickly and easily find the right publishers and publisher inventory for your campaign goals and settings. Marketplace shows you the publishers and their inventory, and makes it easy for you to to find the products you want by searching, sorting, and filtering.

Marketplace benefits

  • You see products available to all buyers and non-guaranteed fixed deals & non-guaranteed auction inventory, including Programmatic Guaranteed, exclusively for you.
  • Publisher inventory is displayed graphically so that you can easily discover, negotiate and manage your deals.
  • Publisher details are driven from publisher profile data, including performance, audience, and inventory details.
  • All key product attributes are searchable, such as audiences, ad formats, verticals, and environments.
  • Filter options across multiple dimensions help you quickly find the right partner for your campaigns.
  • All your current products and deals have been propagated automatically - no migration is required.
  • You can send a request for proposals (RFP) to publishers directly from the marketplace.

Discover publishers and inventory

Use the Marketplace in Display & Video 360 to discover inventory, send a request for proposals to publishers, negotiate, and manage deals all in one place. The Marketplace gives you tools to browse all available publishers and products, including Programmatic Guaranteed Deals, or narrow the results by using category filters or search keywords.

To browse available publishers and publisher products:

Sign in to your Display & Video 360 account and click Inventory > Marketplace in the left menu. Publishers and inventory appear on the right.
Filter the results.
Note: While filtering is optional, we strongly recommend that you add a geo filter (publisher, user, or both) to ensure that the search results are relevant to the countries you want to target.
From the filter Inventory pane, click inside the search Search field to search for a specific publisher.
Click a category and select the filter you want for that category. You can click the Remove filter icon next to any filter to remove it and redisplay the results. Click "Clear Filters" at the top of the filter pane to remove all filters at once.
When you’ve finished selecting filters, click the Remove filter icon in the top right corner of the filter pane to collapse the menu. Click the Filter icon to access the filter pane again.