Certified Blockchain Expert

Learn how blockchain technology can solve business problems and how to leverage chaincode to develop applications.

Blockchain Course - Overview

Training is designed to introduce you to the concepts of Blockchain and its platforms – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger and MultiChain. The course provides an overview of the structure and mechanism of Blockchain. You will learn about the Blockchain ecosystem, how smart contracts are developed using Solidity and how to deploy a business network using Hyperledger Compose.

Learning Outcome:

  • Origin And Working Of Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrency And Blockchain
  • Bitcoin Platform
  • Bitcoin Mining
  • Hyperledger
  • Setting Up Development Environment Using Hyperledger Composer
  • Create And Deploy Your Private Blockchain On MultiChain
  • Prospects Of Blockchain
  • Blockchain Certification
  • Interview Preparation


Instructor Led Training:

All course are led by live training sessions by industry expert. For course details please call our training experts at 9910656940 / 7093700356


How Blockchain Job Market Is Booming

As recently as March 2010, the value of Bitcoin was even less than a penny. Fast forward ten years, the value of Bitcoin in 2020 rose to $20,000, and people who invested early were riding around in luxury cars. The craze surrounding Bitcoin will always have an intrinsic relationship with its price; universality drove the Blockchain job market into the spotlight.

Blockchain Booming Industry

Between 2017 and 2020, the demand for Blockchain rose by nearly 2000 percent, and it became one of the most highly-valued skills to have in the industry. By 2024, the net worth of the Blockchain market is expected to be around $20 billion. Today, 69% of banks are adopting Blockchain technology to add extra layers of security and to make their services hassle-free.

The Current Status of Blockchain Job Market

According to data collected from LinkedIn, Blockchain occupies the top spot in the list of skills that have high demand in 2020. The website created this ranking by considering those skills that are high demand in regard to the supply. The skillset of individuals who are getting hired most often is a clear proof of Blockchain’s growing demand.

  • Companies Require More Blockchain Talent

The high ranking of Blockchain jobs is a clear indication of how much it has penetrated the world of business. Just a year before, Blockchain did not feature on the list of most in-demand skills. Blockchain is the most in-demand skill currently in Australia, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. It is beating other popular technologies like artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

Blockchain was once hidden in the shadowy depths of the cryptocurrency realm. But it has now emerged as a viable business solution for several problems. Thus, recruiters don’t need to be with financial services to seek out new recruits for Blockchain jobs. 


Career Opportunities In Blockchain

You are probably wondering what these jobs and careers are and if they are available, let me answer that as walk with me. Here are some of those positions:

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain developers with the expertise to help companies explore Blockchain platforms are in high demand. Blockchain development might be the most marketable career path today because people are eager to realize all the benefits of Blockchain. These individuals require absolute attention to detail as theirs is a high ranking position. Blockchain developers are programmers who create applications for blockchain. They typically have a lot of experience working with C++, Python, and Javascript before becoming Blockchain developers.

Blockchain Solution Architect

The Blockchain Solution Architect has the responsibility of designing, assigning, and connecting Blockchain solution components with the team experts such as developers, network administrators, UX designers, and IT Operations whose to develop to complete the Blockchain solutions.

Blockchain Project Manager

This individual is entrusted with the responsibility of connecting Blockchain projects to experts whose duty it is to develop Blockchain solutions. Blockchain project managers need to be equipped with the skills of a traditional (cloud) project manager. They also need to master the technical bit to understand the technology thoroughly. Another important ability is excellent communication skills; this is essential when addressing non-technical workers, when providing useful updates or when trying to get resources from higher authorities.

Blockchain UX Designer

With the incorporation of Blockchain into so many industries, its design as well as user interface, is becoming critical. The role of a Blockchain designer is shaping a user interface that creates trust and is alluring to a regular user. These individuals need to be able to pay attention to detail, have an artistic touch, but most importantly they need to be hardworking as their line of work requires them to spend countless hours behind their computers.

Blockchain Quality Engineer

In any development environment, we have a quality assurance engineer who tests and ensures that all areas of the project are of the required quality. In the Blockchain world, a Blockchain engineer plays a similar role by guaranteeing that all operations are of excellence in the Blockchain development environment. In other words, they conduct the testing and automation of frameworks for Blockchain. These individuals need to have a third eye as far as payment to detail is concerned because a small mistake on their part affects everyone using their technology. Excellent communication skills would also go a long way in maintaining good work relationships.

Blockchain Legal Consultant

Of course, as organizations try to comprehend the adoption of Blockchain into their systems legal issues always arise. As companies launch this new technology, they are also looking for legal expertise on what considerations to make while investing. They are curious about the implications of their actions, about how to handle their finances, and lastly how to manage their identity. Of course, for such an individual, proper communication skills are mandatory. You also need to have a good grasp of your international law as Blockchain is tech without borders for the same reason it is advisable that such people master as many universal languages as they can.

Everyone In The Business

Besides the specific roles of professionals working with Blockchain technologies, it is also important that everyone in the organization has a fundamental organization of the Blockchain. Only when everyone has an understanding of the benefits, key capabilities, use cases, and critical success factors, organizations can fully exploit the Blockchain.

Other Connected Roles

Public Relations
Crypto journalists
Crypto brokers
ICO advisors